Saturday, 5 April 2014

Exam Stress - Freak Out!

Hello all,

I am sorry to have caved and neglected my 'frequent posting schedule' to commit to my studies. A levels are such a drain! I've had no time to myself to just blog and enjoy things!
I've been in and dated recently with mock exams, revision, dissertations and school commitments, as well as having a French exchange in tow as well. 
In one word, I'm exhausted. 
Needless to say, though, I've missed my blog and I wanted to share with you a few techniques of how to plan your time effectively and deal with the stress of exams a lot better than I have done!


Take a wee break 15 minutes of every hour. There are actually studies which show that your focus is affected by the amount of hours you spend working without a break, so in essence, if you keep working with no breaks, you'll be kidding yourself really. None of it will go in anymore! 

Just try to do something active and positive, don't just be tempted to sit on Twitter for ten minutes or on the laptop ( the addiction we all love to hate). 
Go for a walk if the weather is nice, or have a nice energizing snack like a banana or an apple.


I would say the most effective revision comes from a revision timetable, and you can find loads of templates online for these! You can plan in between your study time and your breaks, and the further ahead you plan, the less exam stress you'll experience because you'll be heartily prepared for the future! Yay! 

I would suggest, that for your revision to be totally effective, allocate maximum of an hour and a half per subject, to avoid becoming lethargic and bored. Also ensure that your revision is active, i.e. revision quizes, cards, and games. 


As boring as it is, lots of early nights help to energize your brain and makes your revision more worthwhile, as you're more likely to remember it in the morning! If the stress is getting to you and you can't sleep that easily, I'd recommend an eye mask and a lavender pillow. 

Hope this helps!!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

1st Proper Post Eeeeeee - Self Consciousness

Hello World!

I'm sure you can tell by the title of this post, I am very excited to be writing! 
I have decided to jump straight into the deep end and talk to you about what it means to be self conscious - which is very easy in today's society. 

Me, I'm a very anxious, self conscious person. 
I suffer from very bad eczema, and it reaaaaally bothers me. I mean, in the winter when I'm all wrapped up in jumpers and jeans and hoodies my skin is clear as anything.
But I look out of my bedroom window now and the sun is shining and my arms and legs are covered in eczema and scars. 
I get insanely jealous of other girls who walk round effortlessly with clear, beautiful skin and I want to be them. 

If you don't know what eczema is, it's a medical skin condition where patches of skin become itchy and inflamed, and breakouts can cause blistering and bleeding.
It happens to me a lot, especially when it's hot in the air, or there is high pollen. And it's a pain in the ass to say the least.
I feel so self conscious that most of the time, whilst other girls are rocking shorts and cute crop tops, I'm swaddled in a jumper and jeans barely even daring to show my wrists.
Sometimes it's so bad I cry. I really do. It's an awful feeling looking in the mirror and not liking what you see.
Once, it happened at school. I looked in the mirror and despaired at the red and flaking skin on my face and neck and just locked myself in the cubicle all lunch and break waiting for the moment to come when I could get home and sit in my room. 
I would hate to think of anyone else going through this. 

Well, I certainly haven't worked out the cure for eczema yet, but I have discovered the key to happiness at the moment. 
It's very easy to wrap your skin away as I do, or cover up your imperfections. 
But there is nothing more beautiful in my eyes than someone who confidently accepts their flaws and thinks, 'Hey why not?' 
If you're scared that people will judge you or tease you (as I am all the time), don't be. 
Easier said than done, right? But face the day with a warrior attitude. 
So what if you have imperfections, don't let them get you down! 
Feel comfortable in your own skin! 
Wear something that makes you feel awesome! 

Gosh, I feel enthralled writing this ahaha!


Do you suffer from eczema like me? 
Here are some tricks of the trade to help you minimize the flare-ups:

1) Minimise your make up routine to let your skin breathe. I solely use a pressed powder, lipgloss and mascara. 
2) Turn down the heat! Take a colder shower and use a lighter duvet to prevent getting over hot and inflaming your skin. 
3) Apply lots of moisturizer. I'd recommend an organic, perfume free one like Lush Dream Cream. 
4) Don't use perfume. No perfumed shower gels or deodorants, just anti-persperent, fragrance free ones. 
5) Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin. 
 6) Use gloves or socks (clean ones ahaha) in bed to act as a scratch mit barrier to itchiness! 

Hello World!

Hello There! 

This is super scary, starting up a new blog and all. 
I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself. 
I'm a teenage girl hoping to provide some advice for others of you out there. 
It's pretty simple really.

Basically, the idea for this blog came to me one day when Google-ing one of my problems. There was no answer to it. Nothing. I was stumped for a while and gave up on searching for one. 
It occurred to me that this could be happening for others of you out there, perhaps with more demanding problems than mine. What if they couldn't get any answers either?
So, I decided to start a blog on just random subjects that have affected me or are affecting me right now, in hope to shed light and advice on those of you out there who need some advice. 

In this sense, I hope that this blog is kind of a 'big sister' (hence the name). I hope it can develop into a place where young people such as myself can search for answers to their problems or even ask for them from me, as I'd love to help you out. 
It will envelope all of the things I would have wanted to have been taught by an older sister, if I'd have had one. 

I hope it helps you!