Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hello World!

Hello There! 

This is super scary, starting up a new blog and all. 
I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself. 
I'm a teenage girl hoping to provide some advice for others of you out there. 
It's pretty simple really.

Basically, the idea for this blog came to me one day when Google-ing one of my problems. There was no answer to it. Nothing. I was stumped for a while and gave up on searching for one. 
It occurred to me that this could be happening for others of you out there, perhaps with more demanding problems than mine. What if they couldn't get any answers either?
So, I decided to start a blog on just random subjects that have affected me or are affecting me right now, in hope to shed light and advice on those of you out there who need some advice. 

In this sense, I hope that this blog is kind of a 'big sister' (hence the name). I hope it can develop into a place where young people such as myself can search for answers to their problems or even ask for them from me, as I'd love to help you out. 
It will envelope all of the things I would have wanted to have been taught by an older sister, if I'd have had one. 

I hope it helps you! 

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